First Mission (2010)

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Είδος ταινίας: Drama
Βαθμολογία: 6.4/10 (273)

Σκηνοθεσία: Boris Paval Conen
Σενάριο: Barbara Jurgens
Ηθοποιοί: Anniek Pheifer (as Marina), Tygo Gernandt (as Barry), Mark Rietman (as Thijs), Pip Pellens (as Lies), Ismael Santillan (as Diego),

Χώρα παραγωγής: Argentina | Netherlands

First Mission is a real life drama about the lives and work of a team of doctors on their remote outpost of International Frontline Doctors in South America. The team consists out of young Doctor Marina, the Logistics Manager Barry, Project Coordinator Thijs and local staff members Orlando and Diego; who all work under very difficult and dangerous circumstances. Marina, the lead character, finds out that on the torn continent of Latin-America, it is not about winning prizes, but... about being part of the match it self, and that all that matters is to be able to make a difference, even if it is a small one.

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