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William Katt

Ημ. γέννησης: 16/02/1951

Τόπος γέννησης: Los Angeles, California, USA

Ύψος: 174m

Βαθμολογία: 4.7/10


William Katt, 71 ετών, γεννήθηκε στις 16/02/1951 στο Los Angeles, California, USA. Έχει συμμετάσχει ως ηθοποιός σε παραγωγές όπως το Pursuit (2022) ως Taye Biggs, το The 2nd (2020) ως Senator Bob Jeffers, το Sparks (2013) ως Matanza, το Mirrors 2 (2010) ως Jack Matheson & το Deadland (2009) ως Shiv. Γνωστοί συνεργάτες του υπήρξαν οι ηθοποιοί David Ogden Stiers, John Vernon, Alan Fudge, William Windom, William Lucking, Clyde Kusatsu & Mako.

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Παραγωγές ως σκηνοθέτης:

Travelers (2013)

River's End (2005)

Clean and Narrow (1999)

Παραγωγές ως ηθοποιός:

Pursuit (2022) as Taye Biggs

The 2nd (2020) as Senator Bob Jeffers

Subterranea (2015) as Mockenrue

The Unwanted (2014) as Troy

Rick's Parking (2014) as Rick

Sparks (2013) as Matanza

The Secret Lives of Dorks (2013) as Mr. Gibson

Paranormal Movie (2013) as Houseguest Bill

.357 (2013) as Smalls

The Jonas Project (2012) as Dean Taylor

The Encore of Tony Duran (2011) as Art Smith

Stok Stalk Stock (2011) as Conscience

Moon (2011) as Wally Wilson

Mirrors 2 (2010) as Jack Matheson

Super (2010) as Sgt. Fitzgibbon

Numb3rs (TV series) as Sven Regal

House of Payne (2010) as Clive James

Batman: The Brave and the Bold (2010) as Hawkman

Earthling (2010) as Ryan Donnelly

Pure Country 2: The Gift (2010) as Winter

Batman: The Brave and the Bold - The Videogame (2010) as Hawkman

Deadland (2009) as Shiv

Big Game (2008) as Dave

Heroes (TV series) as Jim McCann

Beautiful Loser (2008) as Father Hume

The Man From Earth (2007) as Art

Bone Eater (2007) as Dr. Boombas

AVH: Alien vs. Hunter (2007) as Lee Cussler

House M.D. (TV series) as Walter

Gamers (2006) as Reese's Boss

Backstage Pass (2006) as Kurt Wilson

River's End (2005) as Ed Kennedy

Mystery Woman: Game Time (2005) as Donald Fiske

JAG (TV series) as Cmdr. James Merrick

Descendant (2003) as Dr. Tom Murray

Justice League (TV series) as Green Guardsman

Andromeda (TV series) as Eddie Aldrich

Son of the Beach (2002) as Congressman George Bukaki

Determination of Death (2002) as John Logan

Gentle Ben (2002) as Gittis Malone

Treading Water (2002) as The Investor

Snake Island (2002) as Malcolm Page

Circuit (2001) as Gino

Dark Realm (2001) as Randolph Blair

The Hunger (2000) as James

Learning to Surf (2000) as Randolph Blair

Jawbreaker (1999) as Mr. Purr

Twin Falls Idaho (1999) as Surgeon

Clean and Narrow (1999) as George

Walker, Texas Ranger (1998) as Keith Portman

The Net (1998) as Dr. Phillip Wayland

Hyacinth (1998) as Andy Gillis

Catch Me If You Can (1998) as Jean Benoit

7th Heaven (1997) as Det. Will Grayson

Viper (1997) as Arno Krafft

Rough Riders (1997) as Edward Marshall

Mother Teresa: In the Name of God's Poor (1997) as Harry Harper

Dead Man's Gun (1997) as Madison Butler

u'Bejani (1997) as Father Bob

Whacked (1997) as Sgt. Niktaukus

Daddy's Girl (1996) as Don Mitchell

Devil's Food (1996) as Andrew Burns

Rattled (1996) as Paul Donohue

Romantic Undertaking (1996) as Richard Tennant

American Cop (1995) as Dr. Dell Davis

Piranha (1995) as Paul Grogan

Problem Child 3: Junior in Love (1995) as Ben Healy

Batman: The Animated Series (1994) as Zowie

Animaniacs (1994) as Dr. Roma

Diagnosis Murder (1994) as Roland Spear

Burke's Law (1994) as Brian Cobham

Models Inc. (1994) as Paul Carson

The Paper Boy (1994) as Brian

Stranger by Night (1994) as Troy Rooney

Tollbooth (1994) as Waggy

Cyborg 3: The Recycler (1994) as Decaf

Murder, She Wrote (1993) as Derek Hartman

Dark Justice (1993) as Brian Cobham

Sisters (1993) as Jeffrey Teller

Distant Cousins (1993) as Richard Sullivan

Double X: The Name of the Game (1992) as Michael Cooper

House IV (1992) as Roger Cobb

Last Call (1991) as Paul Avery

Good Sports (1991) as Nick Calder

Ghost Writer (1991) as Paul Avery

Naked Obsession (1990) as Franklyn Carlysle

Top of the Hill (1989) as Thomas Bell Jr.

Swimsuit (1989) as Brian

Top of the Hill (1989) as Thomas Bell

Rising Storm (1989) as Thomas Bell

Wedding Band (1989) as Marshall Roman

Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1988) as Dr. Burke

Perry Mason: The Case of the Avenging Ace (1988) as Paul Drake Jr.

Perry Mason: The Case of the Lady in the Lake (1988) as Paul Drake Jr.

White Ghost (1988) as Steve Shepard

Our House (1987) as Ben Witherspoon

Perry Mason: The Case of the Lost Love (1987) as Paul Drake Jr.

Perry Mason: The Case of the Murdered Madam (1987) as Paul Drake Jr.

Perry Mason: The Case of the Scandalous Scoundrel (1987) as Paul Drake Jr.

Perry Mason: The Case of the Sinister Spirit (1987) as Paul Drake Jr.

The Greatest American Hero (1986) as Ralph Hinkley

House (1986) as Roger Cobb

Perry Mason: The Case of the Notorious Nun (1986) as Paul Drake Jr.

Perry Mason: The Case of the Shooting Star (1986) as Paul Drake Jr.

Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend (1985) as George Loomis

Perry Mason Returns (1985) as Paul Drake Jr.

Faerie Tale Theatre (1984) as Flower Prince

The Rainmaker (1982) as Jimmy Curry

Pippin: His Life and Times (1981) as Pippin

Butch and Sundance: The Early Days (1979) as The Sundance Kid

Big Wednesday (1978) as Jack Barlow

First Love (1977) as Elgin Smith

Carrie (1976) as Tommy Ross

Kojak (TV series) as Carey Nysrom

Ironside (1975) as Porter Yarborough / Jimmy

Gunsmoke (1974) as Lonnie Weeks

The Rookies (1974) as Jimmy Phillips

Police Woman (1974) as Martin Wadsworth

Can Ellen Be Saved? (1974) as Bob

Kung Fu (TV series) as Andy

Emergency! (1972) as Wally Lytton

M*A*S*H (1972) as P.F.C.

The Daughters of Joshua Cabe (1972) as Billy Jack

The Late Liz (1971) as Peter Addams

The Trackers (1971) as Davey Paxton

Night Chase (1970) as Marine Private