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Michael Massee

Βαθμολογία: 6.4/10


Michael Massee - Έχει συμμετάσχει ως ηθοποιός σε παραγωγές όπως το Last Man Club (2016) ως John, το At the Devil's Door (2014) ως Uncle Mike, το The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014) ως Gustav Fiers (The Gentleman), το The Resident (2011) ως Security Tech & το FlashForward (TV series) ως Dyson Frost. Γνωστοί συνεργάτες του υπήρξαν ο σκηνοθέτης Bob Richardson, ο σεναριογράφος Mark Millar και οι ηθοποιοί Justin Gross, Grey Griffin, Olivia d'Abo, Fred Tatasciore & Nan McNamara.

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Παραγωγές ως ηθοποιός:

Last Man Club (2016) as John

The Blacklist (TV series) as Leor

Everlasting (2015) as Leor

The Wolves of Savin Hill (2015) as Theo

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014) as Gustav Fiers (The Gentleman)

At the Devil's Door (2014) as Uncle Mike

The Well (2014) as Walker

Interventions (2014) as Jean-Francois Montfort

CBGB (2013) as Officer Stan

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (TV series) as Michael 'Pa' Williams

The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) as Man in the Shadows

Fringe (TV series) as Anson Carr

Reclamation (2012) as Lawrence Shiftlet

Dakota (2012) as George

The Resident (2011) as Security Tech

House M.D. (TV series) as Frankie

Human Target (TV series) as Henry Claypool

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (TV series) as Stan Richardson

Star Wars: The Old Republic (2011) as Additional Voices

Rizzoli & Isles (TV series) as Charles Hoyt

FlashForward (TV series) as Dyson Frost

Law & Order: LA (2010) as Denis Watson

CSI: NY (TV series) as Casey Steele

Shark (TV series) as Duncan Mercer

Law & Order: Criminal Intent (2008) as Jordie Black

Underdog (2007) as Supershep

Cold Case (TV series) as Kiril

Supernatural (TV series) as Kubrick

Pandemic (2007) as Edward Vicente

Ultimate Avengers (2006) as Bruce Banner

Ultimate Avengers II (2006) as Doctor Bruce Banner

Alias (TV series) as Dr. Gonzalo Burris

Criminal Minds (TV series) as Jacob Dawes

Carnivale (2005) as Russian Soldier

The Batman (2005) as Spellbinder

Revelations (2005) as Isaiah Haden

Catwoman (2004) as Armando

NYPD 2069 (2004) as Keith Golen

Momentum (2003) as Adrian Geiger

Dragnet (2003) as Victor Hellman

Threat Matrix (2003) as Campbell Prokop

24 (TV series) as Ira Gaines

The Practice (2002) as Norman Tucker

Nash Bridges (2001) as Harley Corzine / Gerard Marquette

Corky Romano (2001) as Angry Gunman

The Theory of the Leisure Class (2001) as McMillon

The Florentine (1999) as Nick

L.A. Doctors (1999) as Howard

The White River Kid (1999) as Ralph Pines

Bad City Blues (1999) as Eugene Grimes

War of the Angels (1999) as Doctor Helmut Fahrmeyer

Millennium (TV series) as Purdue

The Big Easy (1997) as Roland Sava

Lost Highway (1997) as Andy

The Last Don (1997) as Jim Losey

Amistad (1997) as Prison Guard

The End of Violence (1997) as Guy in Bar

The Game (1997) as Airbag EMT Galliano

Jamaica Beat (1997) as Ian Benjamin

Playing God (1997) as Gage

The X-Files (TV series) as Vernon Ephesian

Picket Fences (1996) as Dwight Bennett

Murder One (1996) as Donny McKee

Guy (1996) as Mark

Mojave Moon (1996) as Fifth Guy

One Fine Day (1996) as Eddie Parker

An Unfinished Affair (1996) as Dwight Bennett

The Low Life (1995) as Bartender

The Marshal (1995) as Stanley

Burnzy's Last Call (1995) as Luke

Sahara (1995) as Leroux

Se7en (1995) as Man in Booth at Massage Parlour Booth

Tales from the Hood (1995) as Newton

The Crow (1994) as Funboy

A la folie (1994) as Detective Baines

Home of Angels (1994) as Detective Baines

My Father Is Coming (1991) as Joe