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Justine Clarke

Ημ. γέννησης: 28/05/1971

Τόπος γέννησης: Australia

Βαθμολογία: 5.9/10


Η Justine Clarke, 50 ετών, γεννήθηκε στις 28/05/1971 στο Australia. Έχει συμμετάσχει ως ηθοποιός σε παραγωγές όπως το Maya the Bee: The Honey Games (2018) ως Queen, το Red Dog: True Blue (2016) ως Diane Carter, το Maya the Bee Movie (2014) ως Miss Cassandra (English version), το Healing (2014) ως Michelle & το Woodley (TV series) ως Em. Γνωστοί συνεργάτες της υπήρξαν οι ηθοποιοί Anthony Hayes, Dan Wyllie, Chris Haywood, Roy Billing, Geoff Morrell, Steven Vidler & Jessica Napier.

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Παραγωγές ως ηθοποιός:

Maya the Bee: The Honey Games (2018) as Queen

Red Dog: True Blue (2016) as Diane Carter

Gallipoli (2015) as Mrs. Johnson

A Month of Sundays (2015) as Wendy

Healing (2014) as Michelle

Maya the Bee Movie (2014) as Miss Cassandra (English version)

The Time of Our Lives (2014) as Bernadette

It's a Date (2014) as Amy

The Humble Beginnings of the Balloon (2013) as Narrator

Woodley (TV series) as Em

Tangle (2012) as Ally Kovac

Peekaboo (2011) as Jillian

Spider Walk (2011) as Angela

In Her Skin (2009) as Irene

8 (2008) as Mother

The List (2008) as Amy

Love My Way (2007) as Simone

Bastard Boys (2007) as Janine McSwain

Chandon Pictures (2007) as Samantha

The Water Diary (2006) as Mother

Look Both Ways (2005) as Meryl Lee

The Surgeon (2005) as Dr. Eve Agius

Go Big (2004) as Gina Katz

The Brush-Off (2004) as Salina

Japanese Story (2003) as Jane

Danny Deckchair (2003) as Trudy Dunphy

Car Park (2003) as Gina Katz

Head Start (2001) as Julia Hunter

Bootmen (2000) as Kim

All Saints (1999) as Dr. Samantha O'Hara

Wildside (1998) as Jessie Roscoe / Jessie Armstrong

Never Tell Me Never (1998) as Anna

Blackrock (1997) as Tiffany

Twisted (1996) as Pip

Turning April (1996) as Rosa

Tracks of Glory (1992) as Kate O'Brien

Golden Fiddles (1991) as Liddy Powell

Come in Spinner (1990) as Monnie Malone

Family and Friends (1990) as Cheryl Brooks

Home and Away (1989) as Roo Stewart

Princess Kate (1988) as Kate McLelland

A Country Practice (1987) as Nicki Simpson

Professor Poopsnagle's Steam Zeppelin (1986) as Carmen

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (1985) as Anna Goanna

The Maestro's Company (1984) as Tina