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John Prosky

Βαθμολογία: 6.1/10


John Prosky - Έχει συμμετάσχει ως ηθοποιός σε παραγωγές όπως το The Devil Inside (2012) ως Father Christopher Aimes, το Love's Unfolding Dream (2007) ως George & το Medium (TV series) ως Tom Van Dyke. Γνωστοί συνεργάτες του υπήρξαν οι ηθοποιοί Steven Culp, Dean Norris, Ivar Brogger, John Rubinstein, Robert Curtis Brown, Scott Klace & Tom Virtue.

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Παραγωγές ως ηθοποιός:

Agent Carter (TV series) as Walt Cooper

Revenge (TV series) as Oscar Chapman

Tyrant (TV series) as Pilot

Criminal Minds (TV series) as Jim Carlson

The Young and the Restless (2014) as Chaplain Owen Anderson

The Park Bench (2014) as Professor McIntyre

Body of Proof (TV series) as Clark Wilson

True Blood (TV series) as David Finch

Touch (TV series) as Lawrence Pearl

The Devil Inside (2012) as Father Christopher Aimes

NCIS (TV series) as Carl Dalton

Luck (TV series) as Chairman

Private Practice (TV series) as Jerry Murphy

Last Resort (TV series) as Pilgrim

Major Crimes (TV series) as Mr. Banks

Fringe (TV series) as Captive Observer

K-11 (2012) as Simon Schwartz

The Event (TV series) as Gerard

The Mentalist (TV series) as Dr. Evan Quick

Prime Suspect (TV series) as AA Sponsor

L.A. Noire (2011) as Dr. Harold Stoneman

Flashforward (TV series) as Mr. Dunkirk

The Gates (TV series) as Lloyd Foster

Radio Free Albemuth (2010) as Dr. Goldfarb

The Plan (2010) as Man #2

Law & Order: LA (2010) as Dr. Gouldin

Numb3rs (TV series) as Kyle Holtzman

Eleventh Hour (TV series) as Chase Coleman

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (TV series) as ADA Vanderpool

Just Peck (2009) as Dr. Lipschitz

Cold Case (TV series) as Dr. Thomas Rabinski

My Name Is Earl (TV series) as Chase Coleman

Boston Legal (TV series) as Attorney Walt Devlin

My Own Worst Enemy (TV series) as Lance Dietrich

Brothers & Sisters (TV series) as Ron Robinson

Eli Stone (TV series) as Alan Cooke

General Hospital (2008) as Todd Shepard

Love's Unfolding Dream (2007) as George

Crossing Jordan (2007) as Keene's Lawyer

The Dukes (2007) as Brad

Sharpshooter (2007) as Hostage Walker

Grey's Anatomy (TV series) as Mr. Singleton

Heroes (TV series) as Principal

Veronica Mars (TV series) as Ethan Lavoie

CSI: NY (TV series) as Museum Administrator

Mini's First Time (2006) as Husband #2

Walkout (2006) as Principal Dyer

Related (2006) as Dr. Gorenberg

Derek & Simon: A Bee and a Cigarette (2006) as Concierge

Medium (TV series) as Tom Van Dyke

The Closer (TV series) as Mr. Banks

Nip/Tuck (TV series) as Glen Easley

Judging Amy (2005) as Mr. Guidry

American Dreams (2005) as Marv Acker

Gone But Not Forgotten (2005) as Wayne Turner

Second Time Around (2005) as Mr. Seabrooks

Heart of the Beholder (2005) as Rev. Matthew Brewer

Jane Doe: Til Death Do Us Part (2005) as Charles Greene

House M.D. (TV series) as Dr. Bergin

JAG (TV series) as Reverend John Haynes / Stewart Grossman / Jon Barr

ER (2004) as Mr. Brooks

Hidalgo (2004) as Officer at Horse Corral

Oliver Beene (2004) as David

The Last Shot (2004) as Hotel Manager

The D.A. (2004) as Wil Banner

Southside (2003) as Tom O'Malley

Gods and Generals (2003) as Brig. Gen. Lewis Armistead

Hulk (2003) as Atheon Technician

Bringing Down the House (2003) as Male Commentator

Lost at Home (2003) as Mr. Garth

Peacemakers (2003) as Tipton

The Battle of Shaker Heights (2003) as Director

The X-Files (TV series) as Medical Examiner

24 (TV series) as Dr. George Ferragamo

Felicity (2002) as Dr. Stern

Becker (2002) as Mr. Connelly

Groom Lake (2002) as Hester Dealt

The Bernie Mac Show (2002) as Dr. Stern

Presidio Med (2002) as Mr. Connelly

Stargate SG-1 (TV series) as Malchus

Charmed (TV series) as Congressman

NYPD Blue (2001) as Fred Converse

Touched by an Angel (2001) as Gregory

Star Trek: Voyager (2001) as Otrin

Any Day Now (2001) as Otrin

A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001) as Mr. Williamson, the Bellman

Offside (2001) as Sergeant

The West Wing (TV series) as Aide #4

The Practice (2000) as EPA Atty. Mitchell Kravits

Lost Souls (2000) as Orderly

Titus (2000) as Dr. Meighan

An American Daughter (2000) as Tom Reynolds

Strip Mall (2000) as Rafe & Harve's Doctor

Grandfather's Birthday (2000) as Otrin

Moesha (1999) as Professor Ward

Profiler (1999) as Salinger

Just Shoot Me! (1999) as Norman

Bowfinger (1999) as MindHead Executive

My Little Assassin (1999) as Harold Bly

Beverly Hills, 90210 (1998) as Duke Weatherill

Spy Game (1998) as Hale

Goodbye Lover (1998) as Forensic Cop

Permanent Midnight (1998) as Cop

Pensacola: Wings of Gold (1998) as Jules Clegg

The Closer (1998) as Malloy

Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction (1998) as Earl Potter

The Advanced Guard (1998) as Alpha the Alien Commander

Brown's Requiem (1998) as Larkin

Silk Stalkings (1997) as Carl Bellamy

Chicago Hope (1997) as Bart Simon

The Burning Zone (1997) as Dr. Vanderkelen

The Jamie Foxx Show (1997) as Lottery Official

Brooklyn South (1997) as Mr. Bloomford

Michael Hayes (1997) as Carl Bellamy

Fire Down Below (1997) as Aide #1

Frasier (TV series) as Preston

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1996) as Brathaw

High Tide (1996) as Markham

Murder One (1996) as Mark Smith, Esq.

The Cold Equations (1996) as Markham

The Nutty Professor (1996) as Doctor

The Phantom (1996) as Cycle Cop

Forgotten Sins (1996) as Polygraph Technician

Have a Nice Day (1996) as Cycle Cop

My So-Called Life (1995) as Ted

Aurora: Operation Intercept (1995) as Capt. Hulett

Sketch Artist II: Hands That See (1995) as Sherman Bochs

Final Mission (1994) as Sergeant Wyatt

Le baton: The Stick (1994) as Bertram

Interceptor (1992) as Collins

Life Goes On (1991) as Mike Evans

Dream On (1991) as Mr. Taylor

Flight of Black Angel (1991) as Controller

Late for Dinner (1991) as Officer Tom Bostich

L.A. Law (1990) as Officer Randall Carlson

In the Line of Duty: A Cop for the Killing (1990) as Don

A Case of Deadly Force (1986) as Phil Cochran