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Dwight Yoakam

Ημ. γέννησης: 23/10/1956

Τόπος γέννησης: Pikeville, Kentucky, USA

Ύψος: 183m

Βαθμολογία: 6.3/10


Dwight Yoakam, 65 ετών, γεννήθηκε στις 23/10/1956 στο Pikeville, Kentucky, USA. Έχει συμμετάσχει ως ηθοποιός σε παραγωγές όπως το Cry Macho (2021) ως Howard Polk, το 90 Minutes in Heaven (2015), το Under the Dome (2013) (TV series) ως Lyle Chumley, το Wilfred (TV series) ως Bruce & το Dirty Girl (2010) ως Joseph. Γνωστοί συνεργάτες του υπήρξαν οι ηθοποιοί Billy Bob Thornton, Barry Corbin, Keone Young, Janeane Garofalo, Owen Wilson, Brian Baumgartner & Gina Gershon.

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Παραγωγές ως σκηνοθέτης:

South of Heaven, West of Hell (2000)

Παραγωγές ως ηθοποιός:

Cry Macho (2021) as Howard Polk

90 Minutes in Heaven (2015) as

To Appomattox (2015) as George Meade

Under the Dome (2013) (TV series) as Lyle Chumley

Wilfred (TV series) as Bruce

Provinces of Night (Bloodworth) (2010) as Boyd Bloodworth

Dirty Girl (2010) as Joseph

The Last Rites of Ransom Pride (2010) as Reverend Early Pride

Crank: High Voltage (2009) as Doc Miles

2:13 (Two: Thirteen) (2009) as S&M Shop Owner

Four Christmases (2008) as Pastor Phil

Crank (2006) as Doc Miles

Bandidas (2006) as Tyler Jackson

Bandidas (2006) as Tyler Jackson

The three burials of Melquiades Estrada (2005) as Belmont

Wedding Crashers (2005) as Mr. Kroeger

Three Way (2004) as Herbert Claremont / Clarkson

Hollywood Homicide (2003) as Leroy Wasley

Panic Room (2002) as Raoul

South of Heaven, West of Hell (2000) as Valentine Casey

The Minus Man (1999) as Blair

King of the Hill (1998) as Lane Pratley

The Newton Boys (1998) as Brentwood Glasscock

When Trumpets Fade (1998) as Lt. Colonel

Ellen (1997) as The Bag Boy

Painted Hero (1997) as Virgil Kidder

The Little Death (1996) as Bobby Lomax

Don't Look Back (1996) as Skipper

Sling Blade (1996) as Doyle Hargraves

Roswell (1994) as Mac Brazel

Red Rock West (1993) as Truck Driver

P.S.I. Luv U (1991) as Harlan Justice